MTV’s Elitist Propaganda Video: Down with White Men


As the end of the year draws to a close and we start thinking about New Year’s resolutions, the racist folks at MTV have already done the work for us white folk with their New Year’s Resolutions for White Guys.

Now, if you’re not a white guy, don’t worry. I’m not either. But I am married to a white guy so that makes me officially half white guy.

Here goes…

Resolution #1: Recognize that America was never great for anyone but white guys.

This resolution is given to us by a young woman with a tan. She could probably pass for white or even half white, if she wanted to. Instead, she condescendingly tells us America has only been great for white guys.


Beyonce is not white. Oprah is not white. Obama…half white. In fact, here’s a little story about why great America really is great for EVERYBODY. My white husband and I took our white daughter to see a medical specialist regarding a skin issue (no pun intended here) When the visit was over, I turned to my white husband and said, “That doctor symbolizes what is great about this country.”

You see that doctor wasn’t white. She was born in India. Seems like America has done pretty great by her. And my white husband agreed with me.

Resolution #2: Agree that Black Lives matter is not the same as All Lives Matter and recognize that Blue Lives Matter is not a thing.

These paid actors do a very bad job of making their point. It’s all wrapped up in trying to tell a bad joke by an Eddie Murphy impersonator along with a nonwhite girl in glasses and a fellow white guy, who I suppose is there to add some credibility to these blanket statements.

Resolution #3: Stop saying woke.

Ok, I didn’t even know this was a thing. Turns out that woke started off as a term used by black activists to describe not being victim to white supremacy. Now, it’s mostly used as teen slang and changes its meaning depending on who is saying the word to whom. Needless to say, MTV is pissed. They want their racist word back.

Resolution #4: Look up what mansplaining is and then stop doing it.

I looked it up. Mansplaining isn’t a thing. It’s a buzzword that feminists made up to avoid debates with men. They just can’t deal, you know.

Resolution #5: If you’re a judge…

This one is about the recent ivy league rape case where MTV is saying the white judge put Brock Turner’s rights above the victim’s rights. But you already knew that. I guess they put this one in here to really lighten the mood or imply that all white men are either judges or rapists.

Resolutions #6: Beyonce is black and you love her.

I don’t love Beyonce. In fact, I don’t even like her. In my opinion, she does nothing good for the world. Her music is awful and she plays on the dark side’s team. In fact, the performer pushes the global elite’s agenda every chance she gets.

Resolution #7: Kanye

At this point, MTV stops even trying to disguise their racism as “resolutions” and simply calls out Kanye West as a race traitor and tells white guys they can have him.

So what does MTV really want? Why are they doing this? The answer is simple. They want white men to hate themselves for the color of their skin and they want everyone else to hate them too.

While the rest of the world is falling apart, America stands alone as still the greatest place to live. In fact, any Christian country where white people are the majority is where everyone else wants to live. The United States is the last place left on earth that still stands a chance. The “old country” has been invaded by Islam since the migrant crisis.

MTV has since taken their racist video down due to the backlash. But you can still take a look at it above with some excellent commentary thrown in.


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