Katy Perry to Buy Old Convent…for Satanic Rituals?

After a lengthly legal battle, a judge has ruled in favor of Katy Perry.  She can now finally buy the old convent she wants so badly, a place where she can “drink green tea” and “meditate”, according to the pop singer.

But the nuns who have been caring for the old convent aren’t happy.  Sister Rita Callanan, 78, and Sister Catherine Holzman, 86 are nuns in the Order of the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary and have been caring for the property for years.

According to the nuns, Katy Perry is not the kind of person who should buy the sacred grounds.  The nuns have a sneaking suspicion that Katy Perry’s lifestyle involves more than just being a pop star on the go; she’s involved in witchcraft.

Say whaaat?

Before you dismiss the sisters as two stuffy, old nuns consider the evidence.

Katy Perry Sold Her Soul to the Devil

In the following interview, Katy talks about how she released a gospel album when she was fifteen and wanted to be the next Amy Grant, but the album was a flop.  So Katy quit the gospel scene and, according to the pop star, “I sold my soul to the devil.”

Katy Perry in Salem

Salem is synonymous with witchcraft and while it is highly unlikely that the women hanged in Salem and the one man crushed to death were actually practicing witchcraft, the town has become a haven for those who dabble in the dark arts.  The nuns point to the fact that Katy Perry was involved in a Salem witch walk.  She admits to being involved in the witch walk but says she’s not involved in witchcraft.


The Convent’s Dark Past

The sisters are not buying Katy Perry’s motives for purchasing the property (to drink green tea and meditate), and considering the convent’s sinister past and Katy’s lifestyle, they have good reason.

The estate was built in 1927 for the businessman Earle Anthony.  In 1961, Sir Daniel Donohue, a catholic philanthropist, bought the property. Soon afterward, his son committed suicide on the estate.

In 1969, in a house adjacent to the property, the followers of Charles Manson stabbed to death Rosemary and Leno LaBianca.  This was the day after Sharon Tate and her unborn baby were killed by the Manson family.  Supposedly, Charles Manson’s parents currently live in the small town of Bisbee, Arizona.

According to the Vigilant Citizen, Charles Manson was a product of the MKULTRA program of a secret society that runs the entertainment industry.   He was a mind control slave and a handler of mind control slaves who carried out what may have been assassinations, otherwise known as “ordered hits”, in a kind of satanic ritual disguised as something else.

Sharon Tate, her unborn baby with child rapist and director Roman Polanski, and the LaBianca’s were human sacrifices in a satanic ritual whose purpose was to ensure the outcome of some event or some kind of personal gain.  And Katy Perry is dying to live next door.

Would you want to live there?



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