No, Katy. We’re Not All Chained to the Rhythm

We all know someone, a family member, friend, or co-worker, who loves to vacation at Disney World. They go once a year, sometimes twice and visit their favorite parks for a week or longer of fantasy.  People even go there on their honeymoon.

Why? Because we love fantasy, we love stepping outside the daily grind and stepping into something totally different.  Some people would call this escapism, which is also often the motive for watching TV, going to the movies, or reading a book.  But Katy Perry calls all of this being “chained to the rhythm”.  In fact, her new music video of the same name is a direct anti-Trump political message to the masses; you’re all asleep and can’t see the trouble coming unless you “wake up” and join the anti-Trump revolution. The rhythm, according to Katy and her handlers, is Trump’s political agenda.

According to the Vigilant Citizen, “Chained to the Rhythm” is your typical Katy Perry pop song but with a slight subversive twist. There is intense “double think” going on here. Indeed, the “rebellion” presented by the video is actually accepting the global elite’s agenda that has been pushed for years.”

Pop stars don’t have autonomy.  Katy Perry didn’t suddenly decide to promote “purposeful pop”.  Pop stars are owned by their label, in this case Columbia Records, and they push whatever agenda the elite want. They really don’t have a choice if they want to stay in the spotlight.

In the “Chained to the Rhythm” video, Katy is asleep with the masses in an adventure park called Oblivia, which is saying the masses are oblivious to what is going on around them.  In the featured image, they wait in line to ride a hamster wheel. The wait time is 1984 minutes, which is a reference to the dystopian novel by Orwell.  They are saying that it’s Trump’s political agenda that will lead us to a world like 1984, but the truth is that the elite want to create their own version of 1984 and immigration has a lot to do with it.  Take, for example, the migrant crisis going on in Europe. This is no accident.  It’s a deliberate plan to flood Christian nations with Muslims, a major push to reverse the scattering in Babylon that occurred a couple of generations after The Flood.

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 9.29.45 AM.png

In the above picture we see a reference to the trouble that Katy is speaking about in her lyrics.

“So comfortable, we live in a bubble, a bubble

So comfortable, we cannot see the trouble, the trouble”.

The trouble has something to do with the elite working to destroy the American Dream.

The video goes on to denounce Trump’s immigration policy by catapulting a couple of immigrants over the wall. People are walking around like zombies, looking at life through a lens and running the hamster wheel, even Katy.
Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 10.44.48 AM
That is until Skip Marley busts out of the TV and wakes Katy up with his “profound” lyrics about breaking down walls and inspiring people now that the “lion” has been woken up.  Katy suddenly realizes “the truth” which is really just the elite pushing a One World Order agenda that Trump is seriously messing up right now. Trump may be a lot of things, but what he isn’t is one of them. And neither am I. That makes at least two of us unchained to your rhythm, Katy.
To learn more about the symbolism in Katy Perry’s video “Chained to the Rhythm” visit






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