The EU and Mass Immigration: A Reversal of the Scattering

When you look at the world through a Christian point of view, things start to make sense. Take, for example, the migrant crisis. Refugees are nothing new. We Christians are constantly reminded that Jesus was a refugee and for that reason, Christian countries should tear down their borders and let the world in.  This is how the world tries to guilt us into doing something incredibly stupid.


To reverse the scattering.  Think about it. Why the sudden interest in refugees? And particularly Muslim refugees?

In 2005, long before the war in Syria, I resettled refugees from East and West Africa, namely Liberian, Bantu-Somali, and Ethiopian refugees. These were the lucky ones.  The rest languish in refugee camps around the world.  In fact, prior to the migrant crisis that hit Europe, only 1% of refugees were resettled. The rest are warehoused in camps.  Millions of them.

I’ve also lived in two of the countries that see a large amount of refugees fleeing to Europe; Ethiopia and Eritrea.  While these two sworn enemies have their own political, cultural, and economic issues, I can see the lure of a better life in Europe or America.  In fact, when people can legally leave Eritrea, they often don’t come back.  Others sneak across the border into Sudan or Ethiopia.

When Anglea Merkel opened the doors of Germany and said “come on in”, I couldn’t believe it.  I did not see this irresponsible decision as something of goodwill.  In fact, Merkel seems like a fifth column; she’s destroying Europe from the inside.

While the Syrian war has brought the refugee crisis to the world stage, Merkle’s open door policy has motivated millions of mostly young men to flee their countries for a better life, both Muslim and Christian – but mostly Muslim.


The result has been tragic.  Not only do many men, women, and children risk their lives to get to Europe, they are often abused on the way.  If they make it to Europe, they have massive expectations that were fed to them by the smugglers (including ISIS) on the other side and find themselves sorely let down.

In the European countries, we see financial strain, rise in crime, particularly rape, and lots of bullying.  At the time of this writing, in fact, Merkel and the EU are trying to bully Poland and Hungary into accepting mass migration. So far Poland is standing it’s ground.

So why? Why does the EU and Merkel want to flood Europe with people from other countries?  The only way to bring about one world order is to create one world, the reason for the existence of the EU in the first place.  Oh, and to get rid of the Christians and Jews.  Most Muslims don’t assimilate. And even for the ones who do, when the time comes and their caliphate calls for jihad, what do you think they’ll do? Rise up is my best guess.  Stand your ground, Poland. Stay sovereign, Hungary.  We’re on to you, Merkel.


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