What Makes Kim Jong Un So Dangerous? He Thinks He’s a God

It is highly ironic and more than a little strange that since its creation North Korea has been ruled by a single family. It is odd due to North Korea officially been a Stalinist single party state, which disdains both religion and hereditary monarchy yet has been ruled by three generations of the same ambitious and brutal family. The regime of North Korea has managed to survive the collapse of the USSR and China’s adopting of capitalism, not to mention the harsh sanctions imposed by the United Nations.

Quite rightfully, people are beginning to ask, “Is North Korea a threat?” and “Is North Korea Crazy?” or “What makes Kim Jong Un so dangerous?”.

Kim Jong Un is arguably extremely dangerous because he is convinced of his own divinity.

Kim, his father, and grandfather have claimed that they have been predestined to rule over North Korea. Furthermore, the family have used propaganda for several decades to convince the North Korean people just how lucky they are to be ruled by a Marxist god. The Kim family have transformed the cult of personality as favored by Stalin and Mao into a cult of the family. The trouble is that after all these years of state propaganda and the way he was brought up by his father means that Kim Jong Un really believes the hype.

Another way the Kim family has portrayed itself is as an holy trinity, with Kim Jong Un as the son, his father Kim Jong Il was the father, and his grandfather Kim Il Sung was the holy ghost. All three were keen to wield absolute power and to run an highly authoritarian regime. Although the father and grandfather died in 1994 and 2011 respectively they were given eternal titles after their deaths. Again this is part of a cult of personality with leaders being venerated or honored after their deaths and hero worshipped whilst alive. The Kim dynasty are like heroes and messiahs all rolled into one. Yet if one studies what they have done, and what Kim Jong Un intends to do, then it becomes obvious they are false messiahs or antichrists. Apply these terms and they put the Kim dynasty on par with Hitler, Lenin, Mao, and Stalin when it comes to aggressive foreign policy and domestic repression.

The comparisons with Mao and Stalin are highly relevant. Both these leaders carried out brutal purges and were indifferent when millions were starving due to droughts, incompetence, and the collectivizing of agriculture. Mao and Stalin also turned their respective states into nuclear powers. Under the Kim dynasty North Korea has joined the nuclear club and is currently developing long range ballistic missiles. The really dangerous aspect is that Kim Jong Un will have no qualms about using nuclear weapons and is not bothered about mutually assured destruction.


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