Kim Kardashian Backlash over Manchester Bombing Tweet. Get over Yourselves, Twitter Followers.

I’ve never been much for crowds, unless it’s an open air market in some strange, distant corner of the earth.  I would have made a great anthropologist or CIA agent, if only I could do it all over again.

Shunning most crowds means I’ve only been to a handful of large concerts; Bon Jovi, The Grateful Dead, and AC/DC is all I can think of right now.  While you wouldn’t find me at an Ariana Grande concert, I can still find a way to make this post about me.

We all do it.  And there’s nothing wrong with that.

When Kim Kardashian posted a pic of herself with Ariana Grande on Twitter, the backlash was straightforward; people said Kim was making the Manchester tragedy about her instead of honoring the victims.


The Manchester bombing is how you perceive it to be in your own mind and so is Kim’s picture. And when someone gets mad at Kim Kardashian for a pic she posted, well isn’t that person’s anger making it all about them?

We are all masters of our own realities and this couldn’t be anymore true than for someone like Kim Kardashian. So she posted a pic of herself and Ariana from the past?  So what? She’s remembering a better time. Look how happy they all look. In a way, it’s kind of ominous too, because that’s probably what most people at the concert looked like before the bomb went off.

Speaking of being the master of your domain, if you want to learn how to do it, I highly recommend studying “The Sermon on the Mount”.  This is where Jesus tells us exactly how to be the King of your own Kingdom; it all has to do with how you think and how you pray. For example, judging and hating on Kim Kardashian over a Twitter picture is not going to bring that individual any peace or harmony in their own lives, just discord, ill health, and the same judgement they meted out to Kim.

As with many areas of the Bible, diving in unaided can set you up for disappointment. If I were to try and figure out the Beatitudes on my own, for example, my head would pop off.  That’s why I turn to Emmett Fox and his book, “The Sermon on the Mount”.  It was first published in 1934 and shows you how Jesus offers the Key to Success in life.  The only hack you really in life is prayer and right thinking and the following book will teach you how to do both successfully.

Sorry those mean people made you take down your picture, Kim.  I’ve reposted it above for all to enjoy.

Don’t forget to say your prayers.







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