5 Things I Love about Being an American

While people from Nouth Dakota down to Montevideo refer to themselves as Americans, the word is mostly known as describing the nationality of those of us who live in the 50 states.  Or at least that is how I have seen it while traveling abroad.  When I tell people I’m American, they automatically associate my language, style of dress, and skin color with The United States of America.  People often have a lot of questions about what life is really like in the USA.  So I’ve started writing some posts about what I love about living in the United States, because almost anyone can become an American Citizen and enjoy these same benefits and lifestyle.

1. Our Justice System


While most of the rest of the world has adopted the Napoleonic Code of being guilty until proven innocent, the USA justice system is the exact opposite.  Here, you are innocent until proven guilty and afforded certain rights, such as access to a lawyer and the right to a speedy trial. In the USA, the authorities need to charge you with a crime in order to keep you behind bars, and even then you can most likely get out on bail.

2. Hard Work Pays Off


When my ancestors came here from Poland four generations ago, they were poor, illiterate peasants.  But they worked hard and it paid off.  My great grandmother, a seamstress, owned three houses before she died.  My grandmother, one of thirteen children, also owned three houses before she died and now my own mother owns three houses.  So far, I own two.  My generation was the first to go to college and today my children are still reaping the rewards of my ancestor’s hard work.  Anyone can make it in the USA if you work hard.

3. Freedom of Religion


Columbus may have been after riches and fame when he sailed for the New World, but the Pilgrims who settled in New England where in it for God.  Although we are a Christian country founded on Christian values, we afford freedom of religion to anyone.  Worship the moon if you want. Seriously.  However, in most places you will find a Christian church on every corner, just in case the moon worshiping isn’t working out for you.

4. We Support Israel


Part of the reason the United States has been so blessed is our unwavering support for Israel.  Personally, I feel that as long as we continue to ally ourselves with God’s chosen people, we’ll be ok.

5. We Love Our Pets


Americans are in love with dogs and cats.  For most of us, these animals are considered part of the family and hold a special place in our hearts. They sleep in our beds, get check ups at the doctors just like our human kids, and give us unconditional love.  You can tell a lot about people by the way they treat their animals.








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