An Open Letter to Snoop Dogg: Tell it to My Vagina

Dear Snoop Dog,

I hope this letter finds you well.

I watched your video about Bill Cosby vs. Bill O’Reilly on YouTube, although it was difficult to hear what you were saying because the TV was so loud in the background.  However, I did get the gist of it from BET who wrote,

“Snoop felt compelled to share his two cents on the matter, pointing out how it is disgustingly unfair that Cosby wasn’t allowed the same courtesy amidst his sex scandal as O’Reilly has been granted during his.”

“He then continued to voice his disgust, adding, “Humiliate this motherf**ker Bill O’Reilly. Take his a** to court like they do the n****s when they f**k up like that.”

“Fans are currently keeping the conversation going in the comments section, with many agreeing with Uncle Snoop that O’Reilly deserves to be humiliated. Unfortunately, it’s already being pointed out that the newscaster won’t see the reputation-damaging effect of these serious allegations that Cosby did with his, given their differences in race.”

Differences in race?

Give me a break.  This is not about race. Or, let me put it another way. This is about men in power getting away with using their power for their own personal and sexual  gratification, no matter how many traumatized victims they leave behind.

Cosby isn’t being dragged through the court system because he is black. He is not being humiliated because he is black.  Prior to these allegations, the majority of American’s loved Cosby so to hear about his heinous crimes from sixty plus women was shocking for so many people. His fall from grace isn’t about him being black.  It’s about his behavior, his criminal behavior as a serial rapist.

To tell you the truth, I wasn’t at all shocked when the Cosby scandal surfaced.  I already knew he had issues with sex from only spending one week in Hollywood over twenty years ago.

I was there with a friend of mine who had a friend who was a former porn star from the 70s, and we stayed at his apartment for the week.  (To protect the identify of my source, I will call him John).

Boy did John have a million stories to tell me and some of them had to do with Bill Cosby.  Back when John was a porn star, he frequented the Playboy Mansion and so did high-class prostitutes, many of whom were hired by Bill Cosby to have bizarre sexual encounters with him.  This is their story: Cosby has serious issues with white people and it turned him on sexually to degrade and humiliate white women in bed. And he loved to call the women “crackers”.

Today, what he stands accused of by so many women is so disgusting that I don’t believe he should be afforded any privileges because he is black, or old, or a celebrity, or because O’Reilly took a vacation.

And neither should O’Reilly for what he is accused of.  But there is a difference between these two men and it has nothing to do with race.  It has to do with how far they went and Cosby, well, he went way too far.

I’m not downplaying O’Reilly’s behavior.  In fact, most women have experienced sexual harassment at the work place, including myself. My boss once told me that although he knew I was perfectly qualified for the job, he hired me on the spot because “we needed some eye-candy in the office.”

Another boss told me he knew he would hire me as soon as he heard my sexy voice on his voice mail.  I have a bunch of stories as mild as this one and some that aren’t so mild.

But what I experienced as a child was far, far worse.

I was supposed to be at the Fire Station Dance across town, but instead I lied to my mom so I could join my friends running around Crandall’s Fields, this huge field adjacent to a forest close to my house where two wild horses actually ran free.  This was something my mother definitely would not have approved of.  I was only 12 years old and had no business running around the woods at night with older boys.

And she was right.

My best friend had older brothers and sisters so I hung out with older kids. One boy in particular was Joey Bruno who also lived in the neighbordhood and was around sixteen at the time.

That night he chased me into the woods, threw me down on the ground, sat on my stomach, his back to my face, tore down my shorts and underwear, and shoved his fingers inside my vagina – again and again and again.  I screamed and screamed until another boy came running and tackled Joey to the ground.  I was hysterical and when I got home, I told my mother that Joey Bruno tried to rape me.

Tried to rape me.  

In my mind, at that young age, I thought rape required a penis. So to me, I was still a virgin who had not been raped. When you think about it, that actually did wonders for my psyche.  Nevertheless, I was still pretty messed up over it – but that’s another story.

Honestly, it was until the recent Cosby trial that I realized Joey Bruno actually did rape me, because the same thing that happened to me happened to Andrea Constand; there was no penis, only fingers, at least that is what she can remember.

If Cosby can be tried for sexual assault for what he did to Andrea Constand, then so can Joey Bruno for what he did to me, except the statute of limitations have most likely run out considering this happened thirty-two years ago in Johnston, Rhode Island.  I am so grateful for Andrea for her bravery and I thank her for helping me look at what happened to me as what it really was: I was raped.

So should Bill O’Reilly also be humiliated? Sure. Should he go to trial? Sure. But I have not control over that, and neither do you. What we do have control over is how we view this entire situation.

This isn’t about race. It’s about me and Andrea Constand and all the women out there who have had to endure sexual assault and sexual harassment during our lives from men of all colors, creeds, ages, and positions and crumble as they get away with it and move on to the next victim.

So the next time you want to make this about race, Snoop Dogg, please, tell it to my vagina.

Respectfully Yours,

Jennifer Brown

P.S. The blunt was a nice touch ; )



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