Rob Kardashian Blows Up on Twitter over Blac Chyna

The number one story floating around the Internet in the past twenty-four hours is about Rob Kardashian lashing out at Blac Chyna via Twitter.

Ah, young love.  Well, young, famous love.

Blac Chyna and Rob K. are going through an on-again-off-again spilt with baby Dream in the middle.  The most recent flare up between the couple left Rob K. so distraught, he let loose on Twitter by posting naked pics of Black Chyna along with accusations of her cheating and drug use.


I have a confession to make.  I’ve never seen Keeping Up With The Kardashians.  Not once.  However, I still know way too much about these people’s lives.  Why? Because they are everywhere.

The explosion of celebrities over the past decade or two has been incredible.  Half the time I have no idea who these people even are.  We have reality TV stars, YouTube stars, actors, athletes, musicians, kids of the famous, the list goes on.

And it draws in our attention. We are fascinated by their lives, their beauty, their scandals.  We put them up on pedestals and wait and watch them fall for our own delight and entertainment.

Oh, the drama.

But you know what they say, even negative publicity is good publicity.  We all know who Blac Chyna is because of where she strategically places herself to achieve more and more fame.  It’s too bad her and Rob can’t seem to make it work. But how entertaining would that be, really?

I find it ironic that we live in an age where anything and everything can be recorded.  From the mundane to the extraordinary, some people choose to document their entire lives on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Television, the silver screen.  Sometimes it feels like popular culture is one giant high-school.

But the truth is, each of our lives are being recorded everyday whether we know it or not, according to the Christian tradition. When we face judgement day, our entire lives will be reviewed and judged.  Unfortunately for some, this judgement has nothing to do with exterior beauty, yet our culture spends so much time trying to be beautiful – on the outside.

While there is nothing wrong with being beautiful and looking your best, it is not what makes us who we are.  In fact, Jesus was nothing to look at.  He had no distinguishing features that set him apart.  In plain truth, he was an average looking man who could slip into a crowd unnoticed.

I bet Blac Chyna can’t pull that off.











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