Bill Gates Warns Merkel Europe is at Breaking Point due to Migrant Crisis

Bill Gates has warned of fears that the open door policy in Germany instigated by Angela Merkel could bring the migrant crisis in Europe to a breaking point. The number of migrants that have entered Europe this year alone has already reached 100,000, according to figures released by the United Nations (UN) and these numbers show no sign of decreasing. Most of these migrants have come from countries in North Africa such as Libya and while some may have genuine cases for seeking asylum, it is feared that many of them are economic migrants.

Bill Gates is one of the richest men in the world who donates millions every year through his own charity that aims to relieve poverty and disease in Africa. Germany also spends a great deal of their GDP on foreign aid. Gates has suggested that this is a much better way of dealing with the migrant crisis than the current open door policy. He has called on other European countries to increase their own spending as they will simply not be able to deal with the sheer number of migrants that are heading to Europe on a daily basis, many of whom either die, become enslaved, or are raped along the way.

Many of the migrants that head to Europe have paid thousands to criminal gangs in order to get them there and Angela Merkle’s open door policy has been free advertising for them.  For many of the migrants there is no guarantee of asylum and they find themselves homeless and living in refugee camps for months and sometimes even years. This is a far cry from the lies that the human smugglers fed them.


The migrant crisis is already seeing tensions rising between countries within Europe. Austria has recently situated tanks near its border with Italy to try and prevent the flow of migrants into their country, and there are approximately 750 troops that are ready to defend the Austrian border if this becomes necessary. This has caused emergency diplomatic talks to be held between the two nations. The UN figures have suggested that almost 85,000 migrants have arrived in Italy since the beginning of 2017. Once these migrants are in Italy they then try and find their way through the rest of Europe until they reach Germany.

There have been problems in recent years with migrants trying to reach the UK by travelling through France. This led to huge refugee camps being set up in Calais near the entrance to the channel tunnel. Many migrants were hit and killed by trains when they tried to get through the tunnel.

Failure to adhere to Bill Gates warning could see scenes like these all over Europe and Angela Merkel will have to ask herself how far her open door policy has contributed to the many deaths, displacements, rapes, enslavements, and shattered dreams of thousands.





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