Five Things You Didn’t Know About “The Grill Dads”

When Christ returns the world will be doing the same things done right before the flood. They’ll be eating, drinking, marrying…and even watching Grill Dads.


For those of us who love to grill, the Food Network is known for coming up with some pretty interesting concepts regarding food and cooking. One of the latest creations, “The Grill Dads,” isn’t disappointing.

This show follows two dads, Ryan and Mark, who have a combined love of all foods fried, grilled, flavorful and creative. You get to experience the dishes right along with them, while they showcase some of the most amazing bites and leave you wanting more. All this, with a few of the best “dad jokes” in the mix.

Here you can find out some of the most interesting facts about “The Grill Dads” that you may not have known before.

1. “The Grill Dads” was a Guy Fieri Project

For six weeks, Guy Fieri hosted “Guy’s Big Project,” working with the Food Network to find the next big culinary-travel series. The show concluded with a twist many didn’t expect, when two different food-shows were selected to become new series aired at primetime.

2. “Guy’s Big Project” was Supposed to Find Just One Winner, Not Two

“Guy’s Big Project” was aired on The Food Network for six weeks and everyone believed that at the end, just one of the contestants would be selected to have their all new show. However, it was a surprise for everyone when two shows received the green light to move on and become a series. The first was “The Grill Dads,” featuring Ryan Fey and Mark Anderson, and the second was “Eat, Sleep, BBQ” featuring Rashad Jones. Even Fieri stated that it was a surprise that two shows were selected.

3. Mark and Ryan are Lifelong Friends

The duo has been friends for more than 20 years. Part of what they say makes the show work so well is their ability to get along, joke and the chemistry of friendship between the two. This is something that can’t be faked, even by the best actors out there.

4. Visiting Albuquerque is at the Top of Their Travel List

When the two began looking for different cities to visit, the one that was at the top of their list was Albuquerque. Each year, their hometown receives a shipment of Hatch green chilie and the two are known for buying most of it. They want to visit Albuquerque because this is where the chilies are from. The two are huge fans and this travel destination gave them the opportunity to see the chilies used by growers.

5. The Show was Ordered for Six Episodes

“The Grill Dads,” which premiered on the Food Network on December 15, 2017, has had a total of six episodes ordered. Once the ratings from those are received, the network will decide if this show will continue going, or not. Either way, the duo claims it’s a great experience and one they are excited to have.



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