Taco Bell Illuminati Commercials: Hiding in Plain Sight

What’s with the new Taco Bell Illuminati commercials? Are they meant to poke fun at the “fantasy” of “secret societies” that have access to things outside the reach of the masses? The narrator’s upbeat tone sure makes it seem that way.

But if we know anything about secret societies like the Illuminati, they love to display their symbols, messages, and decadent lifestyle in plain sight.  These commercials aren’t poking fun at the societies themselves, they’re poking fun at you.

And, of course, they want you to believe that they don’t really exist in the first place.  They are just the imagination of conspiracy theorists and those silly people who believe the devil really exists.

In the commercials, Taco refers to themselves as Belluminati.  Sounds like they’re trying to make the “Illuminati” as mainstream as possible.  What do you think of the commercials? Let us know in the comments below.






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