5 Reasons Why Erdogan Could Be the Antichrist

Many people have made the claim that the world is going crazy! In fact, some are even beginning to believe that the “end of times” discussed in the Bible is now. According to biblical scholars, the end of times is marked by horrible natural disasters and wars, the oppression of Israel and the rising of a world empire. Now, many are trying to identify who the antichrist is. While there are several “thoughts” on the matter, there is only one world leader who has filled the criteria laid out by the Bible – the Turkish President – Tayyip Erdogan.

1. He has Spoken to His People as a Holograph

The Turkish President has recently spoken to his people in the form of a holograph. In Revelation, it discusses that when the Antichrist appears, people will begin to worship an “image” of the beast that seems to be alive in the temple. Could this “image” be Erdogan as a hologram?

2. Erdogan has Claimed to be a God

According to the Bible, the Antichrist will declare he is god. Lately, Erdogan has also been making this claim. In fact, there is a public campaign going on in Turkey that is growing strong right now. The Turkish officials have gone as far as to rewrite the national anthem for the country and add the line that states he always gets the power he has from Allah. There are also billboards throughout Istanbul that invite others to the “holy” birthday celebration of Erdogan.

3. Erdogan is Performing Healings

According to sources, Erdogan is now performing public healings. For example, during a pre-election rally that occurred in May of 2015, Erdogan spoke to tens of thousands of supporters.  During the speech, a woman spectator fainted in the front row of the rally. She was then taken on the stage, to Erdogan, and he touched her. Suddenly and instantly she was revived and started to praise Allah.

4. He has Vowed to Remove President Bashar

The Turkish President has also made the vow to remove the Syrian President from power in Damascus. He has also made the call for the country of Islam to begin the process of conquering Jerusalem. This is what the Assyrian Kings did and according to the Bible yet another event that will take place when the end of times has arrived.

5. Erdogan has had the Largest Palace in the Entire World Constructed

Erdogan has constructed his palace, which is currently the biggest in the entire world, in Ankara, which is the capital of Turkey. It is referred to as the “White Palace” and it sits on the highest hill overlooking the city. It has been built on a part of the land that was dedicated to the Ottoman Empire founder, which is prohibited, but Erdogan decided to build there anyway.  

According to some scholars, the significance of Erdogan’s palace has to do with the following scripture:

Dan 11:45 And he shall plant the tabernacles of his palace between the seas in the glorious holy mountain; yet he shall come to his end, and none shall help him

While there is no way to know for sure if any of these things actually indicate the end of times or that Erdogan is the antichrist, it is something that many people believe and the signs are creepy, to say the least.


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  1. Hi Jennifer. You can find more about the Turkish Antichrist at hightimetoawakcom
    The Antichrist is compared to the Assyrian kings because he will do the same things that the ancient Assyrian kings did.

    The Assyrians conquered Syria and then invaded northern Israel. Turkish President Erdogan is about to do the same things.

    Turkish President Erdogan is Antichrist. It is High Time to Awake. Craig C. White


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