The Devastating Drought in Kenya: How Can You Help?

In 2011, a drought swept across the continent of Africa, killing more than 260,000 throughout the regions of Kenya, Somalia and other parts of East Africa. The current drought has resulted in 2.6 million Kenyans reaching a point of being declared “food insecure” because of the lack of rain fall. Unfortunately, the situation only seems to be getting worse.  

Currently, there are high levels of malnutrition reported across both the arid and the semi-arid lands. There are three sub-countries who have reported a Global Acute Malnutrition rate of 30 percent, which is double the emergency threshold.

What Has the Drought Done?

The severe drought has dried up the water resources in half of the 47 countries in Kenya, leaving three million people with no access to clean water – at all. The issues related to recurrent droughts have resulted in lives being destroyed, caused local conflicts over the scarce resources and devastated local communities.

In addition to being concerned about food and water resources, children are lacking proper education, and the region of Kenya has experienced several disease outbreaks, including measles, diarrhea and cholera.

The Drought’s Impact

Since the drought began in the latter part of 2016, the situation across the region has been on a steady decline. In addition to having no access to food and water, being at risk for serious diseases and a lack of educational resources for children, many families are on the move, trying to find a better places to live, resulting in women and children being at higher risk for trafficking.

This is a devastating situation that is impacting the lives of millions in the region. If you want to help, then you are encouraged to make a donation to a Go Fund Me project that is bringing life saving water to a community of 300 Maasai in Northern Kenya.  Find out more by clicking the donation link above. 



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