This Website Tells You Which Abusers are Linked to Shows and Films

By now, the rat’s nest that has been festering and growing in Hollywood has been slowly exposed, although there are a few gnarled corners to investigate further, and this means it is difficult for viewers to know which of their favorite television shows and films are connected to one or more of these Hollywood creeps.  

But, don’t dismay – you don’t have to swear off TV and movies altogether or venture into the depths of the World Wide Web to find out what abusers are linked to which shows and movies.  Rotten Apples (which is quite the clever name) has done it for you. With this site, you can see whether or not a new cult series or blockbuster is ethical, or if there are a few hidden “rats” scurrying around.

What Does Rotten Apples Offer?

The idea behind Rotten Apples is pretty simple – you just type in the name of any series or film and you can instantly find out if there is a creep or an alleged abuser involved with it – in any way.  For example, you may not be aware that Harvey Weinstein helped to produce “Southpaw” or “The Lord of the Rings.”

Is There Any Good News Amongst this Scandal?

There is some good news. The new movie, “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle”, along with many others that have yet to be checked, is completely untainted by any type of misconduct or allegations. As a result, you can watch Dwayne Johnson and Jack Black with a complete clear conscious and feel confident that everyone involved with the creation of this movie is indeed a good guy (or gal).

What’s Next in the World of Hollywood?

While some of the buzz related to all this scandal has died down in the past month, it doesn’t mean it is gone or forgotten. There are countless people who will never return to Tinsel town, be seen on-screen or have the opportunity to abuse their power again thanks to the brave women (and men) who have come forward.  While this is only a small part of the darker side of Hollywood, the fact that it’s coming to light means the rest of Hollywood’s seedy underbelly will be exposed, too.  





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