Occult Symbols in U2’s Grammy Performance 2018

This year’s 60th Grammy Awards featured U2 as a performer. They sang “Get out of Your own Way” with a set of eyes below and a set of eyes behind them.  In the distance, the Statue of Liberty, a symbol of what is so wonderful about our country, freedom, stands proudly in the distance. But according to some, there is a darker side to this performance, with symbols meaning more than what meets the eye.

The Statue of Liberty and Semiramus

Did you know that the gift of the Statue of Liberty was actually from the Freemasons?  If this is true, then the Semiramus connection makes sense. Semiramus was the queen who ruled alongside King Nimrod in Babylon after The Flood. They began the Occult religion with their very own worship as a god and goddess but also after their death with the worship of the sun (typically masculine) and the moon (typically feminine).

Below: Ancient coin depicting Semiramus on left

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 1.52.50 PM

Below: Beyonce being worshipped as Semiramus.

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 1.53.11 PM

Below: Statue of Semiramus on left.

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 1.56.23 PM

The All Seeing Eye

The other important symbol during U2’s performance is the All Seeing Eye. At first glance, it doesn’t seem this way, however. That’s because there are two sets of eyes that continuously change, which implies that these eyes belong to the many whom the Statue of Liberty beckons for “… your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,”, which comes from the poem “The New Colossus.”

However, these compassionate words don’t neccessarily fit with the words that U2 sings in their song, “Get out of Your Own Way”, such as:

“Fight back
Don’t take it lyin’ down, you got to bite back
The face of liberty’s starting to crack
She had a plan up until she got smacked in the mouth
And it all went south
Like freedom
The slaves are lookin’ for someone to lead them
The master’s lookin’ for someone to need him
The promised land is there for those who need it most
And Lincoln’s ghost said…”

And then Bono Shouts these words through a microphone:

“Blessed are the arrogant
For there is the kingdom of their own company
Blessed are the superstars
For the magnificence in their light
We understand better our own insignificance
Blessed are the filthy rich
For you can only truly own what you give away
Like your pain”

At various points during the performance, there are shots where the musicians are in fact playing in front of an all seeing eye.  Like here:

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 1.26.54 PM.png

and here:

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 1.27.54 PM

The all seeing eye with the Statue of Liberty in the background suggests there is more to this performance than compassion for immigrants looking for a better life in the USA, if there really is any to begin with.

Is this performance a message from the occult elite that runs the music industry?  What do you think?  Watch the performance below and let us know what you think in the comments.





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