5 of the Most Dangerous Countries in Africa’s 10/40 Window

For over 20 years, quite a bit of the Christian world has looked toward the 10/40 Window. More and more efforts from the North American evangelical church, which is considered the richest in the history of the entire world, have been sent, including missionaries and mission resources.

The 10/40 Window refers to the 69 countries that are found between 10 and 40 degrees north latitude in the areas of Asia, the Middle East and Africa. This area is considered the heart of Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam.

Unfortunately, many of these countries are also extremely dangerous, making it extremely difficult for missionaries to preach the Gospel to the unreached. Read on to  learn about the top five most dangerous African countries in the 10/40 window.


1. Somalia

For more than two decades, the country of Somalia has been engulfed in a civil war. It rages between the United Nations supported Transitional Federal government, and Islamist rebels, including individuals and groups who are very close to the terrorist group, Al-Qaeda.

2. Libya

There is a current crisis in Libya that has captured the attention of the entire international community. In fact, it has been described as a clear situation that requires decisive and timely response now because of the imminent threat that is present for mass atrocities. All of the protests in the country led to Muammar Gaddafi, who ruled in the east, being ousted. Since this time, the intervention from NATO, which is the international authority, has not been successful at restoring a sense of calm in the country.  Libya has also become the stopping off point for mass amounts of economic migrants seeking passage to Europe.  Migrants are often forced in slavery, raped, or die during the dangerous journey.  

3. Nigeria

This is the most populous country in Africa and home to more than 180 million people. Right now, it is suffering from social, economic and political instability. The most affected regions in this country include the south, central, eastern and northern sections. In this country, both Christians and Muslims are being targeted and the number of terrorist attacks are increasing regularly.  In Nigeria, there is a deep belief in witchcraft, and the most vulnerable, including children are often accused of being witches.  

4. Ethiopia


Ethiopia and Eritrea have been in conflict for decades.  When their not fighting, their on high alert, especially the Eritreans, whose government requires conscription.    Approximately 30 years ago, Eritrea earned independence from Ethiopia after a long and deadly civil war. Now, there are ongoing border disputes between the two countries that have been in place since 1991.

While there has been some intervention from the International Court of justice, there is still tension present between the two countries.  Besides this, the country has been experiencing political unrest and is one of the hardest places to travel within, especially during the rainy season.  

5. Mali

In the country of Mali, there is a high threat of terrorism across the region, as well as a large number of kidnappings, especially in the areas that are to the north of Mopti. The attacks are typically in the northern part of Mali; however, the threats are present in the entire country.






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