Civil War in Europe: the Match Has Been Struck (Video)

With protesters taking to the streets of Europe, the tensions are running high. Murders and racially motivated crimes are sparking civil unrest, everywhere. Even the efforts of officials to ease the pressure seems to fall on deaf ears.

It is not unlikely that a civil war is eminent in Europe. With the recent spike in migrant movement, theories have emerged with regard to the use of mass migration as a weapon. This theory suggests that the European elite is using Europe as a laboratory in the development of the New World Order.

If this true, we are sure to see this civil war unfold before our eyes. Anti Islamic and racial discrimination will likely continue to rise until European citizens insist on martial law in order to protect themselves. Could it be that Europe will be the stage for the beginning of the end? Are we all being primed to run into our own swords? Watch the following video link that offers us a heaping helping of food for thought. Be sure to watch it if you think you have the stomach to digest the disturbing reality that she brings to focus.


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