The Devastating Drought in Kenya: How Can You Help?

In 2011, a drought swept across the continent of Africa, killing more than 260,000 throughout the regions of Kenya, Somalia and other parts of East Africa. The current drought has resulted in 2.6 million Kenyans reaching a point of being declared “food insecure” because of the lack of rain fall. Unfortunately, the situation only seems... Continue Reading →


Taco Bell Illuminati Commercials: Hiding in Plain Sight

What's with the new Taco Bell Illuminati commercials? Are they meant to poke fun at the "fantasy" of "secret societies" that have access to things outside the reach of the masses? The narrator's upbeat tone sure makes it seem that way. But if we know anything about secret societies like the Illuminati, they love to... Continue Reading →

Katy Perry, Koalas, and One Eye

Katy Perry is getting some negative press in Australia due to an insensitive advertisement for her upcoming tour, Witness, where she tells her dog they should go "chase some koalas".  The problem is that these cute little cuddly bears get attacked and killed by dogs every year. Says one vet in Australia, Claire Madden, “This is... Continue Reading →

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