Female Shooter at YouTube Headquarters is Dead

According to CBS, there is currently an active shooter at the San Bruno, California YouTube headquarters. The area has been evacuated and police are urging avoidance of the area, particularly Cherry Ave and Bay Hill Drive. The San Mateo County Sheriff's Office is on the scene and reports that the shooter is dead by a... Continue Reading →


Civil War in Europe: the Match Has Been Struck (Video)

With protesters taking to the streets of Europe, the tensions are running high. Murders and racially motivated crimes are sparking civil unrest, everywhere. Even the efforts of officials to ease the pressure seems to fall on deaf ears. It is not unlikely that a civil war is eminent in Europe. With the recent spike in... Continue Reading →

Katy Perry, Koalas, and One Eye

Katy Perry is getting some negative press in Australia due to an insensitive advertisement for her upcoming tour, Witness, where she tells her dog they should go "chase some koalas".  The problem is that these cute little cuddly bears get attacked and killed by dogs every year. Says one vet in Australia, Claire Madden, “This is... Continue Reading →

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