Super Bowl 2018 Halftime Show: Illuminati Tribute to Prince?

Hollywood has come under much scrutiny lately with many allegations of sexual assault committed by directors, actors, comedians, etc...  If a sick, perverted elite control the world of the silver screen, wouldn't it be safe to say that slime seeps within the music industry as well? This year's Super Bowl halftime show was performed by... Continue Reading →


This Website Tells You Which Abusers are Linked to Shows and Films

By now, the rat’s nest that has been festering and growing in Hollywood has been slowly exposed, although there are a few gnarled corners to investigate further, and this means it is difficult for viewers to know which of their favorite television shows and films are connected to one or more of these Hollywood creeps.  ... Continue Reading →

Katy Perry, Koalas, and One Eye

Katy Perry is getting some negative press in Australia due to an insensitive advertisement for her upcoming tour, Witness, where she tells her dog they should go "chase some koalas".  The problem is that these cute little cuddly bears get attacked and killed by dogs every year. Says one vet in Australia, Claire Madden, “This is... Continue Reading →

5 Things I Love about Being an American

While people from Nouth Dakota down to Montevideo refer to themselves as Americans, the word is mostly known as describing the nationality of those of us who live in the 50 states.  Or at least that is how I have seen it while traveling abroad.  When I tell people I'm American, they automatically associate my... Continue Reading →

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