The Art of Prepping: Why it’s More than Just a Stockpile  

When people imagine a “prepper” they may think of the strange individuals who wear tinfoil hats and huddle in an underground bunker while waiting for the mothership, or a zombie apocalypse. The fact is, in reality, this isn’t what a prepper is, or what prepping is all about. Put simply, prepping, which is a term... Continue Reading →


Is Saudi Arabia Really Serious about Tourism?

It's no secret.  Saudi Arabia has money problems.  Some of this has to do with too much reliance on falling oil profits, exorborant spending by the royal family, and the ongoing war with Yemen.  Now, tensions are rising between Lebanon and Saudi Arabia with accusations of declarations of war, Saudi ordering all of its citizens to... Continue Reading →

Katy Perry, Koalas, and One Eye

Katy Perry is getting some negative press in Australia due to an insensitive advertisement for her upcoming tour, Witness, where she tells her dog they should go "chase some koalas".  The problem is that these cute little cuddly bears get attacked and killed by dogs every year. Says one vet in Australia, Claire Madden, “This is... Continue Reading →

5 Things I Love about Being an American

While people from Nouth Dakota down to Montevideo refer to themselves as Americans, the word is mostly known as describing the nationality of those of us who live in the 50 states.  Or at least that is how I have seen it while traveling abroad.  When I tell people I'm American, they automatically associate my... Continue Reading →

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